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Arya Clonal Black Arya Clonal Black
-60 %
DESCRIPTIONFrom the steep slope of Darjeeling  where the reflection of golden rays from Mt Kanchenjunga, the experienced hand plucked this authentic tea for creating your perfect moments. Made from the clonal plant leafs ,this SFTGFOP1 first flush tea is what you need to start your day. A smoot..
554.40INR 1,386.00INR
Ex Tax:528.00INR
Arya Diamond Tips Arya Diamond Tips
Hot -40 %
DESCRIPTIONA spotless shining gem in the Diadem. Extra bold leaf with chunky tips. A taste with a complex mixture of fruits and flowers. This first flush tea is bright in appearance and full body.Each sip is deliciously fruity which reminds of ripe mangoes, peach and sweet raisins which further leav..
743.40INR 1,239.00INR
Ex Tax:708.00INR
Arya Ruby Arya Ruby
Hot -35 %
DESCRIPTIONRuby, as the name indicates, has a redder colour than usual Darjeeling black tea. Possessing an extremely high degree of flavour and a bold leaf with some tips, Arya ruby is truly a tea for the elite. The dry leafs has fresh mountains aroma while wet leafs has steamed mountain flowers wit..
675.68INR 1,039.50INR
Ex Tax:643.50INR
Balimara Autumn Amour Balimara Autumn Amour
New -25 %
DESCRIPTIONAutumn in Assam has its own colour and taste, and Balimara autumn teas are perfect to feel it. The aromatic aroma of wet wood with soft honey and malty aroma of dry buds impresses you from the beginning.The cup is smooth, full-bodied with balanced flavour.A brisk and robust cup which star..
992.25INR 1,323.00INR
Ex Tax:945.00INR
Balimara Exotic Summer Gold Balimara Exotic Summer Gold
New -15 %
DESCRIPTIONFinally the summer exquisite from Balimara Tea Estate. A bold Assam tea which beams with malty and floral attributes. The medium-bodied cup which starts with a soft malty note and gradually grow towards the length of the cup. A light honey note can be felt around the edge which gives a li..
981.75INR 1,155.00INR
Ex Tax:935.00INR
Balimara Gold Flake Balimara Gold Flake
-35 %
DESCRIPTIONSome teas are good, some are excellent but this tea is above these two words. Just produced 3kg this year, this tea is what a true tea connoisseurs needs.Made from the youngest tender buds plucked on particular days of autumn. The dry leaves has abundant of golden buds with few black buds..
887.25INR 1,365.00INR
Ex Tax:845.00INR
Balimara Golden Panthera Balimara Golden Panthera
Rare Exotic -35 %
DESCRIPTIONPlucked on "The International Tea Day ", this beautiful golden panthera brings a true joy in its each sip. A small batch of this beautiful tea is exclusively made for "TeaGardenia". This lovely tea gives pleasure to us from each aspect, the aroma, the appearance and the heavenly tast..
1,126.13INR 1,732.50INR
Ex Tax:1,072.50INR
Balimara Pure Gold Balimara Pure Gold
Limited Edition New -20 %
DESCRIPTIONAn artisan tea from the land of tea garden - Assam. A luxurious full-bodied cup that impresses you from the beginning till the end. A bold, brisk cup which beams with pronounced note of malt and dates.These flavour envelope the palate right from the beginning and gradually grows in promin..
1,512.00INR 1,890.00INR
Ex Tax:1,440.00INR
Bermiok Sikkim Merveille Bermiok Sikkim Merveille
New Hot -60 %
DESCRIPTIONThe only boutique private tea estate of Sikkim, Bermiok produce rare and exquisite taste in small batches.This aromatic tea brings life to your cup with its unique mouthful flavour.  A medium-bodied, brisk cup which starts with delicate woody note which gradually grow in pr..
378.00INR 945.00INR
Ex Tax:360.00INR
Borahi Golden Needle Borahi Golden Needle
-35 %
DESCRIPTIONFrom the north east of India, this Golden needle is beautiful in appearance and in the cup.This second flush has soft aroma of honey, decorated with malty fragrance.The liquor is smooth and light bodied, feels soft on palate. The cup begins with soft notes of fresh fruits which make ..
443.63INR 682.50INR
Ex Tax:422.50INR
Borahi Golden Tips Borahi Golden Tips
-30 %
DESCRIPTIONAnother delicacy from the North East of Assam, these hand processed golden buds are perfect for beautiful mornings and cold evenings.The liquor is smooth, medium strong with sweet malty aroma. The cup begins with smooth malty notes which gradually grown throughout the length of the cup.Th..
698.25INR 997.50INR
Ex Tax:665.00INR
Borahi Summer Haze Borahi Summer Haze
Limited Edition New -25 %
DESCRIPTIONAn exquisite from the Upper Assam, made with finest tender buds, impresses you with its delicate aroma and taste.A medium-bodied cup is what one can except from an exotic Assam teas. As you sip, soft floral note strikes to the palate. The floral note blends with delectable malty note arou..
866.25INR 1,155.00INR
Ex Tax:825.00INR
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