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Autumn Flush

Autumn Flush
Balimara Autumn Amour Balimara Autumn Amour
-25 %
DESCRIPTIONAutumn in Assam has its own colour and taste, and Balimara autumn teas are perfect to feel it. The aromatic aroma of wet wood with soft honey and malty aroma of dry buds impresses you from the beginning.The cup is smooth, full-bodied with balanced flavour.A brisk and robust cup which star..
992.25INR 1,323.00INR
Ex Tax:945.00INR
Balimara Winter Frost Gold Balimara Winter Frost Gold
Limited Edition New -25 %
DESCRIPTIONPlucked in chilled December 2021, when the winter is on its bloom, tea leaves grow very slowly thus resulting a unique complex flavour in a tea. An exquisite winter taste from Balimara tea estate, located in upper Assam. These golden buds that beams with malty and sweet honey aroma. The c..
1,181.25INR 1,575.00INR
Ex Tax:1,125.00INR
Borokai Roasted Talon Buds Borokai Roasted Talon Buds
New -50 %
DESCRIPTIONFrom the land of tea garden - Assam, this handcrafted tea brings a sweet smile on your face with its sweet fruity flavours.The roasted buds bloom with sweet fruity note similar to mango.The cup begins with sweet fruity note similar to mangoes and gradually grows in prominence and defines ..
420.00INR 840.00INR
Ex Tax:400.00INR
Darjeeling Autumn Dew Darjeeling Autumn Dew
-35 %
DESCRIPTIONPlucked in autumn months  when the mountain dew develop the unique taste to tea leaves, this tea is what an autumn day needs. The dry leaves has a combination of blackish red leaves with few tips which gives a bright orange liquor.The cup starts with a smooth taste of ripe fruits whi..
546.00INR 840.00INR
Ex Tax:520.00INR
Darjeeling Autumn Golden Tips Darjeeling Autumn Golden Tips
-30 %
DESCRIPTIONFrom one of the highest elevation tea plantation, this golden tips is what your cup needs in winter.This tea is made with finest tender tips in autumn with abound of golden velvety hair, has fresh woody aroma. The cup start with nice smoky taste which further bloom in mouth and finish wit..
1,029.00INR 1,470.00INR
Ex Tax:980.00INR
Darjeeling Exotic Silver Needle Darjeeling Exotic Silver Needle
Limited Edition -30 %
DESCRIPTIONHere we bring one of the finest darjeeling silver needles--lightly floral, a bit creamy and smooth textured. A light bodied tea greets the palate with light silky floral note similar to red roses, which instantly gives a smooth kick to the cup.The smooth and velvety texture with a light w..
955.50INR 1,365.00INR
Ex Tax:910.00INR
Darjeeling Pearl Green Darjeeling Pearl Green
-25 %
DESCRIPTION This tea is one of its kind from Darjeeling, whole leafs are completely finger rolled into a ball.It has been made from a special Japanese clone and have a high quality Umami flavour with a good intensity.The dry pearls have a refreshing aroma.The cup starts with a smooth taste with..
598.50INR 798.00INR
Ex Tax:570.00INR
Darjeeling Spicy White Tea Darjeeling Spicy White Tea
-25 %
DESCRIPTIONAn exquisite and rare Darjeeling white tea with a refreshing flowery aroma. The plucking mostly comprises of two leaves and buds.The dry leaves has abundance of silver tips with dark green leaves with a flowery and spicy aroma.The liquor is pale yellow which is very smooth to drink with p..
708.75INR 945.00INR
Ex Tax:675.00INR
Darjeeling Winter Frost Red Oolong Darjeeling Winter Frost Red Oolong
Exotic New -20 %
DESCRIPTIONA beautiful winter frost tea which impresses you from the beginning to the end of your sip. The cup is medium-bodied which beams with sweet fruity attributes. The sweet fruit note similar to plum and cherries greets the palate and gives a smooth start to this lively cup. The black currant..
924.00INR 1,155.00INR
Ex Tax:880.00INR
Indus White Oolong Indus White Oolong
-35 %
DESCRIPTIONA fragrant Darjeeling autumnal tea, light and smooth, brimming with aromatic floral notes. The liquor is light-bodied, smooth and feels soft on palate.The cup begins with delicate floral notes, reminiscent of white lilies and citrus blossom, which gradually grows and define a main theme o..
887.25INR 1,365.00INR
Ex Tax:845.00INR
Namring Autumn wondour Namring Autumn wondour
-30 %
DESCRIPTIONThis is the jewel of autumn teas. The dry leaves has a nice fregrance of wild mountain floral-woody notes which gives an instant refreshment to our mind.The dry leafs has mix of abundance of silver tips and well rolled darker leaves.The liquor is light-bodied ,smooth and tipped with vibr..
624.75INR 892.50INR
Ex Tax:595.00INR
Namring Oolong Delight Namring Oolong Delight
-30 %
DESCRIPTIONAn artisan tea from the queen of hills.The dry leafs has abundance  golden tips which gives a nice bright liqour while the well rolled leafs give a dark shed to it with an earthy flavors. The brewed leaves has a mild woody aroma. The cup start with smooth notes of wood, in the middle..
735.00INR 1,050.00INR
Ex Tax:700.00INR
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