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Darjeeling Moondrop Oolong Tea Darjeeling Moondrop Oolong Tea
Limited Edition
DESCRIPTIONPlucked from high elevation ranging from 5500ft-7000ft, this rich and flavourful tea beams with sweet mellow and fruity attributes.This limited edition tea is medium-bodied and has pale-yellow liquor with fresh spring aroma. As you start sipping, the smooth mellow note greets the palate a..
Ex Tax:950.00INR
Darjeeling Winter Frost Red Oolong Darjeeling Winter Frost Red Oolong
Exotic New
DESCRIPTIONA beautiful winter frost tea which impresses you from the beginning to the end of your sip. The cup is medium-bodied which beams with sweet fruity attributes. The sweet fruit note similar to plum and cherries greets the palate and gives a smooth start to this lively cup. The black currant..
Ex Tax:1,100.00INR
Dorje Exotic Honey Oolong Dorje Exotic Honey Oolong
Limited Edition Hot
DESCRIPTIONAn exotic crafted tea, topped with sweet fruity and honey attributes. A medium bodied, smooth cup which feels soft and envelops the  palate with delicate fruity note, redolent of mangoes which gradually grow into prominence and define the theme of this cup. Detectable honey note disc..
Ex Tax:1,500.00INR
Dorje Imperial Oolong Dorje Imperial Oolong
Hot Out Of Stock
DESCRIPTIONFrom the land of thunder "Dorje", this beautiful tea impresses you in each aspect -aroma, liquor and appearance. This light bodied and smooth tea has abundance of silver tipped leaves that gives a true delight on palate. As you sip it, the sweet fruits notes greets the palate and spreads ..
Ex Tax:850.00INR
Gopaldhara Exotic Honey Oolong Tea Gopaldhara Exotic Honey Oolong Tea
First Flush 2022 New
DESCRIPTIONAn immensely smooth, sweet fruity tea from the beautiful Mirik valley -Darjeeling impresses you with its delicious flavours. A medium-bodied tea beams with sweet fruity and honey attributes. As you start sipping, sweet fruity note ,redolent to mango greets the palate. These fruity note de..
Ex Tax:1,600.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA spring delight from the Mirik Valley of Darjeeling beams with spring aroma and  vibrant fruity attributes.The liquor is immensely smooth with light gold appearance. The smooth raw fruity notes resonates with fresh green attributes which hits the palate right from the start and grad..
Ex Tax:1,500.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA fragrant Darjeeling autumnal tea, light and smooth, brimming with aromatic floral notes. The liquor is light-bodied, smooth and feels soft on palate.The cup begins with delicate floral notes, reminiscent of white lilies and citrus blossom, which gradually grows and define a main theme o..
Ex Tax:1,300.00INR
Jungpana Exotic Summer Oolong Jungpana Exotic Summer Oolong
DESCRIPTIONAnother summer delicacy from one of the iconic tea estate of Darjeeling. A medium-bodied oolong is a perfect example of fruits plate topped with honey. A fruity note similar to black grapes strike the palate right from the start and gradually grows though the length of cup. A light honey ..
Ex Tax:2,000.00INR
DESCRIPTION"Meghalaya- The land of adobe clouds" is one of the most beautiful state of India, and known for its organic agriculture. A lovely medium-bodied oolong is grown in the pristine hills of Meghalaya, at an elevation of 800m above sea level.The tightly rolled, dark brown leaves produce a clea..
Ex Tax:1,200.00INR
DESCRIPTIONAn artisan tea from the queen of hills.The dry leafs has abundance  golden tips which gives a nice bright liqour while the well rolled leafs give a dark shed to it with an earthy flavors. The brewed leaves has a mild woody aroma. The cup start with smooth notes of wood, in the middle..
Ex Tax:1,000.00INR
Nilgiri Highland Oolong Nilgiri Highland Oolong
DESCRIPTIONFrom the lush green mountains of Nilgiri, this beautiful tea brings a unique flavour and aroma to your cup. An immensely smooth, flavourful, medium-bodied cup which beams with vibrant sweet floral notes. As you start sipping, soft floral note similar to Chrysanthemum, greets the palate an..
Ex Tax:920.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA delicious oolong tea from the picturesque green slopes of Nilgiri. A medium-bodied oolong tea that blooms with floral and chocolatey attributes. This hand picked beautiful oolong impresses you with its sweet aromatic tone and delicious flavours that follow throughout the cup. Sweet flor..
Ex Tax:800.00INR
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