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DESCRIPTIONAssam white tea has distinct aroma and flavour compared to any other white teas of India. This Beautiful handpicked and sun-dried white gem, blooms with fresh green and mellow fragrance. A light bodied, smooth cup starts with mellow accents which gradually grows and define the theme of th..
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Assam Borokai Silver Buds White Tea Assam Borokai Silver Buds White Tea
First Flush 2023
DESCRIPTIONA delicious spring white tea from lush green Borokai tea estate, Assam. The Finely plucked tender buds beams with wild floral attributes and brews in a nice lemon liquor. A well-rounded, lively cup begins with smooth wild floral note which gradually grows towards the length of the cup. Th..
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DESCRIPTIONAn aromatic and delicious tea from the land of tea garden, Assam. Made from the tender buds which are just 2-3 days old, this beautiful tea beams with vibrant floral and sandalwood attributes. The journey of champagne liquor starts with delicate floral note similar to white lilies. The fl..
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DESCRIPTIONIntroducing the first-ever aged Moonlight First Flush White Tea from the "Queen of Hills"—Darjeeling. Each sip celebrates the exquisite flavors of Darjeeling, elevating your tea experience to new heights. This light-bodied, spring tea, sourced from the foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga, shine..
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Balasun Pearl White Tea Balasun Pearl White Tea
First Flush 2022
DESCRIPTIONAn extremely rare and exclusive first flush tea which beams with light floral and fresh green attributes. The liquor is smooth, light bodied and tipped with floral-vegetal note. Pronounced mellow flavour along with a delicate mild taste to fresh green note greets the palate and grow towar..
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DESCRIPTIONIntroducing our first ever in-house aged white tea, which was plucked in first week of May 2020 and then we stored it in vacuum container for almost 25 months. After the ageing period ,the aroma and flavours of the tea comes out amazing. The fatty bud beams with floral, honey and light ma..
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Balimara Silver Imperial Balimara Silver Imperial
DESCRIPTIONAnother white gem in TeaGardenia's tea collection. A specially crafted white tea from the upper Assam. A light-bodied tea is a bouquet of fresh flowers. As you sip, delicate floral note similar to white lilies, strike the palate and gives an immensely smooth start to the cup.The floral no..
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Barnesbeg Exotic Moonlight White Tea Barnesbeg Exotic Moonlight White Tea
First Flush 2023
DESCRIPTIONAn exquisite spring moonlight tea from the moderate slops of Barnesbeg tea garden witnessing the first golden ray of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the worlds third highest peak. A well-rounded cup with layers of flavour brews in a champagne liquor. A smooth, light bodied cup beams with floral-fr..
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DESCRIPTIONA delicate light-bodied tea from Upper Assam with soft floral and light woody aroma. A combination of one leaf and a bud is plucked during sunrise when the tea plants and leaves starts blooming. A lively and immensely smooth cup starts with delicate floral note similar to lilies..
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Brahmaputra White Mist Brahmaputra White Mist
Out Of Stock
DESCRIPTIONFrom the heart of Brahmaputra Valley , located in Upper Assam, this delicate white tea impresses you with its flavour. Produced in small quantity this naturally organic, white tea is light on palate.The fresh floral notes hits the palate right from the beginning of the sip and plays ..
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DESCRIPTIONThe finest bud and a leave of AV2 bushes plucked on a bright shiny moonlight, a fascinating summer cup with delectable fruity attributes. A pleasantly supple, lively cup begins with sweet ripe fruits note reminiscent of black grape which gradually grow in prominence towards the length of ..
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Darjeeling Exotic Peppery White Tea Darjeeling Exotic Peppery White Tea
Limited Edition Autumn/Winter 2022-23
DESCRIPTIONThe autumn teas has its own unique flavours and when it come to white tea, they brew in a smooth delicate liquor.This peppery white tea beams with wild flowers and pepper aroma, brews in a lemon liquor with delicate notes of wild flowers and spices. The cup is smooth and well balanced. St..
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