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Namring Silver Needles Namring Silver Needles
-25 %
DESCRIPTIONNamring Silver needles is one of the finest silver needles produced in Darjeeling region.This autumn needles is a tea to be tried. The dry needles has a fresh light woody aroma. Each sip start with a smooth and delicate taste ,in the middle a nice touch of peach note and finishes with hin..
1,181.25INR 1,575.00INR
Ex Tax:1,125.00INR
Namring White Mist Namring White Mist
-30 %
DESCRIPTIONOn some early autumn morning when the mist of mountain cover the tea plants ,the expert hands plucked the finest two young leaves and one tender buds to make this misty tea for your perfect cup. The dry leaves have  fresh raw green aroma and a nice green colour.The cup start with a s..
918.75INR 1,312.50INR
Ex Tax:875.00INR
Nilgiri Exotic Silver Buds Nilgiri Exotic Silver Buds
Limited Edition -20 %
DESCRIPTIONThe most awaited hidden gem from Nilgiri. Just one kg, exclusively made for TeaGardenia.The youngest buds which are 2-3 days older plucked to make this exquisite tea.The aromatic buds brews in a light-bodied cup which beams with vibrant floral-fruity attributes. Delicate floral note, remi..
2,016.00INR 2,520.00INR
Ex Tax:1,920.00INR
Nilgiri Highland White 2022 Nilgiri Highland White 2022
Limited Edition -30 %
DESCRIPTIONAnother delicacy from the summer capital of Madras presidency of British era. A light bodied liquor which blooms with sweet fruity aroma similar to alphonso (mango) and vegetal breeze. A bright and smooth cup feels soft and envelope the palate with delicate fruity texture, redolent of alp..
882.00INR 1,260.00INR
Ex Tax:840.00INR
Nilgiri Winter Frost Buds Nilgiri Winter Frost Buds
Exotic New Out Of Stock
DESCRIPTIONA winter gem from the highlands of Nilgiri.The youngest tender buds which are 2-3 days old are plucked from 7,200 feet elevation in the early morning just before the sunrise. A light bodied tea which beams with delicate winter floral attributes has layer of flavours throughout the cup. As..
Ex Tax:2,200.00INR
Nilgiri Winter Frost Silver Needle Nilgiri Winter Frost Silver Needle
New WINTER FLUSH 2022 -35 %
DescriptionAn exquisite winter frost tea which beams with delicate floral note. The almost icy cold tender buds are picked at 5am from the tea plantation located at 7000ft. The medium-bodied cup which feels sweet mellow and starts with soft floral character, reminiscent of Jasmin and lily of valley,..
750.75INR 1,155.00INR
Ex Tax:715.00INR
Rohini Exotic White Musk Tea Rohini Exotic White Musk Tea
New -25 %
DESCRIPTIONA beautiful white tea from one of the youngest tea estates of Darjeeling which beams with fresh floral attributes. The tea leaves were hand plucked in the last week of March and it went through 13 days of natural drying and kept it to mature . An immensely smooth, pleasant suppl..
1,653.75INR 2,205.00INR
Ex Tax:1,575.00INR
Rohini Jethikupi- The Delicacy of Spring Rohini Jethikupi- The Delicacy of Spring
First Flush 2022 Limited Edition -30 %
DESCRIPTIONThis early spring tea brings the exquisite flavour to your cup, light bodied, fresh flavours of green olives and vanilla.The liquor is light-bodied, smooth and feels soft and enveloping on the palate. It starts with the delicate green olive notes with a hint of lime.The green olive flavou..
1,029.00INR 1,470.00INR
Ex Tax:980.00INR
Rose Mist Tea Rose Mist Tea
Exotic Out Of Stock
DESCRIPTIONAn extraordinary blend for your precious moments, blended with fine Darjeeling white tea and tender rose buds from Iran.Each sip gives a well-balanced smooth and delicate flavour.The fine tender rose buds gives a sweet fragrance and flavour.The cup is velvety and a perfect sweetness comes..
Ex Tax:2,200.00INR
Upper Namring Snow White Upper Namring Snow White
-40 %
DESCRIPTIONThe summer delicacy from Upper Namring tea estate, which beams with fresh green note and wild floral attributes. A light bodied cup feels soft on palate. Fresh delicate green note strike to your taste buds which gradually  grows and define a central theme for the cup. A light wi..
630.00INR 1,050.00INR
Ex Tax:600.00INR
Washabarie Exotic Spring White Washabarie Exotic Spring White
Exotic -30 %
DESCRIPTIONNested in the foothills of eastern Himalayas, the Washabarie estate is woven with forest rich in biodiversity on one side and rain-fed Leesh river on other side, Known for producing artisan teas. A light-bodied, immensely smooth cup which beams with fresh floral attributes.Delicate wild f..
1,065.75INR 1,522.50INR
Ex Tax:1,015.00INR
Washabarie Moonlight White Tea Washabarie Moonlight White Tea
New -30 %
DESCRIPTIONA beautiful autumn flush tea from the lush green fields of Washabarie Tea estate- Dooars. Plucked on a full moonlight night, this light bodied tea beams with fresh sweet floral note. Smooth floral note similar to white lilies strike the palate right from the beginning and gradually grow t..
1,176.00INR 1,680.00INR
Ex Tax:1,120.00INR
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