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DESCRIPTIONA bold and robust  summer Darjeeling cup from one of our favourite tea estate. A full-bodied, brisk cup which beams with luscious fruity and spicy attributes.The sweet muscat grape note envelope the palate right from the beginning and gradually grows in prominence.Delectable note of ..
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DESCRIPTIONA master blend of two individually wonderful teas, a Darjeeling tea and an Assam leaf tea. both are quite different from each other and complement each other beautifully.At A Glance Dry leaf appearanceAn even sized mixture of Assam and Darjeeling leaf Wet leaf aromaEarthy and mi..
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DESCRIPTIONOur first artisan tea from the lush green Western ghats, enrich with the fresh earthy and spices note. A medium-bodied tea has a smooth, clean and thick amber liquor.The smooth copper taste enveloped with earthy note greets the palate and gives a unique start to the cup.The delectable wet..
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DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONA sweet cup for your sweet moments.This milky chai gets its flavour from herbs such as mint, lemongrass and ginger.The sip starts with sweetness of mint and lemongrass accompanied by ginger which gives you a perfect finish. This is the chai to be loved by all age group.Drink i..
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Turzum Exotic Moonlight Black Tea Turzum Exotic Moonlight Black Tea
Exotic New
DESCRIPTIONAn exquisite moonlight tea from picturesque Turzum tea estate- Darjeeling. A medium-bodied, lively cup which beams with luscious fruity and muscatel attributes. The aromatic cup begins with a pronounced note of Muscat grapes which gradually grows towards the middle. Exquisite flavour of M..
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DESCRIPTIONA bold and well-rounded cup which beams with vibrant floral-fruity attributes. As you sip, a light fruity sensation, reminiscent of Muscat grape envelope the palate. A floral hint similar to orange blossom can be felt around the edge.These flavours grows in prominence and define the theme..
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DESCRIPTIONAn exquisite summer cup from the breathtaking Mirik valley,Darjeeling. A medium-bodied, well-rounded tea with a note of stone fruit. As you sip, a nice stone-fruity tone; similar to peach and apricot greets the palate and gradually grow towards the length of the cup. Going further, soft w..
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DESCRIPTIONA bold and brisk summer tea with depth of flavours, beams with fruity and raw honey attributes. The cup is bold, brisk and full-bodied, starts with muscatel note which gradually grows in prominence. Light black plum note envelope muscatel note and adds a layer of depth to palate. Light ho..
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DESCRIPTIONHere's a perfect tea to enjoy in this beautiful fall. This exclusive autumnal tea impresses you with its aromatic fragrance of flowers with woody under-notes. A light-bodied cup starts with vibrant floral note followed with the crispy note which gives a lingering taste and decorate the cu..
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DESCRIPTIONSpring- the season of beauty and delicate teas.And with it we get the most awaited delicate delights from misty slopes of Darjeeling.The mountain mist and fleeting sun develop a unique spring taste. The cup is light and extra smooth, sweet floral notes like white lilies and geraniums give..
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Upper Namring Exotic Spring Black Upper Namring Exotic Spring Black
First Flush 2022 New
DESCRIPTIONThe most awaited spring 2022 tea from one of our favourite tea estate of Darjeeling, Just 3kg exclusively made for TeaGardenia. Hand picked from a particular section of Upper Namring tea estate where the weather conditions are little different. This small batch of tea impresses you in eac..
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DESCREPTIONSummers are for brisk and robust muscatel teas. This second flush speciality tea is from one of our favourite Darjeeling tea garden, Namring. Muscatel teas are prized by tea lovers over for their rare and characteristic notes of Muscat grapes.This full bodied, beautiful dark amber liquor ..
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