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DESCRIPTIONSummer is incomplete without the classical Muscatel taste of Darjeeling. The Second flush Darjeeling speciality, muscatel are prized  tea lovers over for their rare and characteristic notes of Muscat grapes.This is one from the lush green slopes of Darjeeling .its light and clean cup..
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Darjeeling Summer Gold buds Darjeeling Summer Gold buds
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DESCRIPTIONThis summer delicacy brings aroma, flavour and character to your cup.This full bodied cup begins with sweet note of Muscat grapes which hum throughout the length of cup.Toward the middle detectable hint of honey and soft notes of vanilla come through, rendering distinct tex..
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Exotic Assam Golden Tips Exotic Assam Golden Tips
Exotic New Hot
DESCRIPTIONHere's one of the finest Assam golden tips, made from the youngest and tender buds.This tea is a perfect to kick start your morning and rainy evening. The dry leafs has honey and mild malty aroma.This delicate cup has layered with sweet notes and malty flavour.these flavour starts with an..
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A beautiful blend which crunch your body and feel refreshed in your busy hours.Start with ginger and mint, gives a crunch, followed by cinnamon for a long finishingAt a GlanceAromaGinger,mint, honeyPalateginger, mint, cinnamonLiquorDark yellowInstruction per cup2.5gm 200ml 90°C-95°C 4-5minComplement..
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DESCRIPTIONThis classic Darjeeling second flush cup is aromatic with full bodied experience. the dry leafs have nutty aroma while the wet leafs have a musky aroma followed by notes of wood. the cup starts with hint of peach followed by musky flavour. The musky flavour hums alone all the way till fin..
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DESCRIPTIONA rich ,strong malty Assam tea with beautiful golden tips. Harvested in Brahmputra river Vally in month of may and June. A rich spicy and malty character perfect to kick start your day with milk or without milkAt a glanceDry leaf appearance Beautiful mixture of dark black leaves and ..
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DESCRIPTIONMargaret's hope tea estate is one of the oldest and iconic tea garden in Darjeeling region and famous for its iconic first flush tea. Margaret's hope clonal delight is one of those teas which must be brew in your teapot. The dry leafs has very young and tender leafs with a fresh aroma of ..
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DESCRIPTIONSaffron, the king of spices when added to anything gives a rich flavour. Mehak-E-Zaffran is a rich chai blended with spices from western ghat and Kashmiri saffron. The cup starts with the heavenly touch of saffron, in the middle spices plays their role perfectly and at last finishes with ..
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DESCRIPTIONThis is the jewel of autumn teas. The dry leaves has a nice fregrance of wild mountain floral-woody notes which gives an instant refreshment to our mind.The dry leafs has mix of abundance of silver tips and well rolled darker leaves.The liquor is light-bodied ,smooth and tipped with vibr..
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DESCRIPTIONAnother delicious brisk and robust tea from Namring. A tea with silky texture and full of woody-spicy-floral flavour.  A well balanced full bodied tea with delicate flavour and strength. The detectable woody, high fired notes greets the palate and they dominate the cup.A short floral..
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Namring Rare Flower Delight Namring Rare Flower Delight
New Rare Exotic
DESCRIPTIONOne of Darjeeling's favorite tea garden. Namring always makes beautiful tea moments with its rare exotic spring teas.This one is from the highest elevation which is around 5000ft, known as Namring Upper.The experience hands pluck the best tender buds and leaves to make this rare exotic sp..
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DESCRIPTIONThis summer delicacy from Rohini tea estate is more bold and complex in flavour.This aromatic cup is full bodied with strong  fragrance of fruits like grapes ,apricots and peach. The cup is brisk and beam with vibrant fruity notes.Crisp notes of fruits like peach greets the palate an..
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