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Jungpana Exotic Clonal Musk Tea ( Limited Edition ) Jungpana Exotic Clonal Musk Tea ( Limited Edition )
Exotic Second Flush 2022
DESCRIPTIONAn extra ordinary tea from the Queen of Hills - Darjeeling, brings aroma, flavour and a robust finish to your cup. This limited edition exclusively made "summer tea" beams with sweet fruits and raw honey note. A medium-bodied, well balanced cup starts with sweet fruits note similar to Mus..
Ex Tax:2,300.00INR
Jungpana Exotic Moonlight Black Tea ( Signature Edition ) Jungpana Exotic Moonlight Black Tea ( Signature Edition )
New FF2024
DESCRIPTIONTransported from the misty valleys of Kurseong, Darjeeling, and meticulously crafted with true devotion, this moonlight black tea promises to elevate your tea ritual to a realm of pure delight. An artisanal creation, it radiates with the essence of sweet tropical fruits, infusing your cup..
Ex Tax:3,000.00INR
Jungpana Spring Black Tea (Limited Edition) Jungpana Spring Black Tea (Limited Edition)
First Flush 2023
DESCRIPTIONAn authentic spring gem from misty Kurseong valley of Darjeeling.This spring cup of Jungpana is immensely smooth with depth of flavours. The liquor is medium-bodied and brisk with floral-fruity attributes. Fresh, smooth floral and white orchid note hits the palate right fro..
Ex Tax:2,200.00INR
DESCRIPTIONAn exquisite tea from the breathtaking hills of Kurseong Darjeeling, brews in amber liquor with muscat grape, sweet raisins note.This bold and robust cup begins with smooth muscat grape note which gradually grows and define a central theme of the cup. In the middle sweet raisin note gives..
Ex Tax:2,000.00INR
Jungpana Summer Wonder Black Tea Jungpana Summer Wonder Black Tea
Second Flush 2022
DESCRIPTIONA delicious summer tea from 122 years old tea estate of Darjeeling. The amber liquor bring varieties and flavour to your cup which beams with sweet fruity attributes. A medium-bodied, pleasantly supple cup which opens on a delicious note of Muscat grape intertwined with an evocative tone ..
Ex Tax:1,500.00INR
DESCRIPTIONFrom the iconic streets of historical city Culcutta, our master tea blender brings the aroma and taste to your cup. Blended with the finest strong Assam CTC and fresh leaves from Darjeeling.The liquor is full-bodied, brisk and brims with robust notes of malt right from the start, in the m..
Ex Tax:500.00INR
DESCRIPTIONAn artisan black tea from the north eastern state Meghalaya ( Land of clouds) , known for its beautiful lush green mountains and rich soil. A medium-bodied, smooth cup tipped with sweet floral attributes start with an aromatic floral tone, redolent of white lilies dominate the palate whic..
Ex Tax:1,100.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA full-bodied black tea from the beautiful Lizza Hill Tea Estate darjeeling. A bold and robust tea which beams with cocoa and woody attributes with a floral hint. As you sip, the bold cocoa note strike the palate and gives a strong start to the cup. The note gradually grow  towards t..
Ex Tax:1,100.00INR
Lizahill Exotic Flowery Black Tea ( Private Reserve ) Lizahill Exotic Flowery Black Tea ( Private Reserve )
New FF2024
DESCRIPTIONA masterpiece by an artisian. An aromatic, delicious and handcrafted tea from the beautiful Lizahill tea estate, Darjeeling which beams with vibrant spring floral attributes. A light-bodied, smooth cup starts with a sweet floral tone, evocative of Asiatic lilies and honeysuckle which..
Ex Tax:3,300.00INR
Mangalam Exotic Golden Tips  ( Limited Edition ) Mangalam Exotic Golden Tips  ( Limited Edition )
Second Flush 2022
DESCRIPTIONA limited edition summer exquisite from one of the iconic tea garden of Assam. These golden tips impresse you with it's bold malty and refreshing wild floral fragrance. A full-bodied , well-rounded cup beams with delectable malty flavour right from the start. The malty note deepens with t..
Ex Tax:1,800.00INR
DESCRIPTIONThe most awaited gold from Mangalam tea estate Assam.The finest tender buds impresses you at first sight  with its joyful fragrance of mild malty, honey and light wood bark aroma. A full-bodied, bold and brisk cup starts with soft malty note which grows in prominence. A light honey n..
Ex Tax:1,800.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA beautiful wafer which beams with wild honey and floral note brings the sweet lingering flavours of Manipur to your cup. Once you rinse it the aroma of berries release and it force you to brew it immediately. The 1st infusion brings the fruity note similar to grapes which deepens with th..
Ex Tax:900.00INR
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