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Namring Summer Clonal Namring Summer Clonal
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DESCRIPTIONThe summer delight from Namring tea estate (Darjeeling), a bold and aromatic cup which hits your back palate. A full-bodied , well rounded cup starts with muscat grape note which gradually grows towards the length of the cup and defines a central theme. Going forward a wood bark tone enve..
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Nilgiri Black Mist Nilgiri Black Mist
New -20 %
DESCRIPTIONA summer delicacy from the Blue mountains, loaded with fruity and honey note. An immensely smooth, medium-bodied cup greets the palate with fruity note similar to Mirabelle plum. The fruity length is deep and enveloped with palm dates, rendering a rich character to the palate. As you go f..
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Nilgiri Exotic Summer Black Tea Nilgiri Exotic Summer Black Tea
New -20 %
DESCRIPTIONA summer delight from the lush green mountains of Nilgiris.A medium-bodied , lively cup which impresses you right from beginning to the end. The aromatic orange liquor which beams with vibrant fruit-honey notes.As you sip, delicate notes of fruit , reminiscent of black grape and a hint of..
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Rohini Exotic Summer Muscatel Rohini Exotic Summer Muscatel
-30 %
DESCRIPTIONThis summer delicacy from Rohini tea estate is more bold and complex in flavour.This aromatic cup is full bodied with strong  fragrance of fruits like grapes ,apricots and peach. The cup is brisk and beam with vibrant fruity notes.Crisp notes of fruits like peach greets the palate an..
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Rohini Gold Rohini Gold
New -15 %
DESCRIPTIONA Gold from one of our favourite tea gardens of Darjeeling. This handcrafted gold buds impresses you from beginning of the cup till the end of your sip. The gold buds has sweet fruity-honey fragrance and brews in a smooth medium-bodied cup. A Light fruity note along with the muscatel tone..
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Rohini gold buds Muscatel Rohini gold buds Muscatel
-30 % Out Of Stock
DESCRIPTIONOne of the finest second flush tea from Rohini tea estate Darjeeling. The dry leafs appears brownish with a lots of golden tips. the cup has bright orange and clear liquor with a mouthful, sweet and fruity muscatel  character with a honey finish. The leafs are plucked in last week of..
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Rohini Summer Spicy Black Rohini Summer Spicy Black
New -30 %
DESCRIPTIONA bold and robust  summer Darjeeling cup from one of our favourite tea estate. A full-bodied, brisk cup which beams with luscious fruity and spicy attributes.The sweet muscat grape note envelope the palate right from the beginning and gradually grows in prominence.Delectable note of ..
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Signature Breakfast tea Signature Breakfast tea
Hot -20 %
DESCRIPTIONA master blend of two individually wonderful teas, a Darjeeling tea and an Assam leaf tea. both are quite different from each other and complement each other beautifully.At A Glance Dry leaf appearanceAn even sized mixture of Assam and Darjeeling leaf Wet leaf aromaEarthy and mi..
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Smoky Darjeeling Waves Smoky Darjeeling Waves
-25 %
DESCRIPTIONA vibrant cup that offers prized smoky flavour of pine wood. A traditional Darjeeling tea, heated over the burning of pinewood shaving, develops a mild smoky flavour with frosted flowery aroma. The smooth smoky notes hit the palate right from the beginning of the cup and gradually grows t..
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Southern Elite Southern Elite
New -50 %
DESCRIPTIONOur first artisan tea from the lush green Western ghats, enrich with the fresh earthy and spices note. A medium-bodied tea has a smooth, clean and thick amber liquor.The smooth copper taste enveloped with earthy note greets the palate and gives a unique start to the cup.The delectable wet..
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DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONA sweet cup for your sweet moments.This milky chai gets its flavour from herbs such as mint, lemongrass and ginger.The sip starts with sweetness of mint and lemongrass accompanied by ginger which gives you a perfect finish. This is the chai to be loved by all age group.Drink i..
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Turzum Special Muscatel  Tea ( Limited Edition) Turzum Special Muscatel  Tea ( Limited Edition)
New -15 %
DESCRIPTIONA bold and well-rounded cup which beams with vibrant floral-fruity attributes. As you sip, a light fruity sensation, reminiscent of Muscat grape envelope the palate. A floral hint similar to orange blossom can be felt around the edge.These flavours grows in prominence and define the theme..
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