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Assam Puerh Style Tea Cake

Assam Puerh Style Tea Cake
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Assam Puerh Style Tea Cake
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Introducing the first ever puerh tea cake from the land of gardens Assam. A very small batch of this handcrafted artisanal tea cake made in the first week of April 2023. This tea has a unique character and appearance stem from its distinct variety, coupled with the interplay of diverse geographical and weather factors. These elements contribute to the exceptional hue and flavour profile. The cake has a refreshing herbal aroma. While using the western style brewing, the beautiful golden cup begins with fruity notes similar to Indian gooseberry which dominate the cup. Going further the spices note similar to cinnamon and nutmeg gives a depth to the cup in the middle. Umami note with hint of charcoal gives a long lasting lingering finish to this puerh from Assam.

While brewing with gongfu style, on  the first infusion you will get note of gooseberry with light wild flowers accents. The second infusion brings the lingering character with crispy floral and spices note. The lingering notes plays with your taste buds and gives a wonderful feeling to your mouth. The third infusion is charactered with bold note of spices with light saffron accents. The fourth infusion is decorated with light spices note, wood and light charcoal accents.

*We have only 3 cake each 100gm

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Indian Gooseberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, umami, charcoal 

Instruction per cup ( Western Brewing )

2.5gm 150ml water 85°c-90°c 4min

Instruction for Gongfu Brewing

5gm 100ml water 30second, adding 10 second for subsequent steep, 90°c-95°c

Cultivar -Pure Assamica 

Plucked date - First week of April 2023

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