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DESCRIPTIONThe summer delight from Namring tea estate (Darjeeling), a bold and aromatic cup which hits your back palate. A full-bodied , well rounded cup starts with muscat grape note which gradually grows towards the length of the cup and defines a central theme. Going forward a wood bark tone enve..
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DESCRIPTIONOn some early autumn morning when the mist of mountain cover the tea plants ,the expert hands plucked the finest two young leaves and one tender buds to make this misty tea for your perfect cup. The dry leaves have  fresh raw green aroma and a nice green colour.The cup start with a s..
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DESCRIPTIONA uniquely crafted tea with a visually striking appearance, which beams with floral-herbal attributes. The soft and tender stalks yields a refreshing yellowish green liquor with a delicate clear texture. A light-bodied cup begins with soft floral note. The floral tone ..
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DESCRIPTIONA summer delicacy from the Blue mountains, loaded with fruity and honey note. An immensely smooth, medium-bodied cup greets the palate with fruity note similar to Mirabelle plum. The fruity length is deep and enveloped with palm dates, rendering a rich character to the palate. As you go f..
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Nilgiri Exotic Silver Buds Nilgiri Exotic Silver Buds
Limited Edition New
DESCRIPTIONThe most awaited hidden gem from Nilgiri. Just one kg, exclusively made for TeaGardenia.The youngest buds which are 2-3 days older plucked to make this exquisite tea.The aromatic buds brews in a light-bodied cup which beams with vibrant floral-fruity attributes. Delicate floral note, remi..
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DESCRIPTIONA summer delight from the lush green mountains of Nilgiris.A medium-bodied , lively cup which impresses you right from beginning to the end. The aromatic orange liquor which beams with vibrant fruit-honey notes.As you sip, delicate notes of fruit , reminiscent of black grape and a hint of..
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Nilgiri Highland Oolong Nilgiri Highland Oolong
Exotic New
DESCRIPTIONFrom the lush green mountains of Nilgiri, this beautiful tea brings a unique flavour and aroma to your cup. An immensely smooth, flavourful, medium-bodied cup which beams with vibrant sweet floral notes. As you start sipping, soft floral note similar to Chrysanthemum, greets the palate an..
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Nilgiri Highland White Nilgiri Highland White
Limited Edition New
DESCRIPTIONAnother delicacy from the summer capital of Madras presidency of British era. A light bodied liquor which blooms with sweet fruity aroma similar to alphonso (mango) and vegetal breeze. A bright and smooth cup feels soft and envelope the palate with delicate fruity texture, redolent of alp..
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DESCRIPTIONInspired by old Japanese tradition where stem and stalks from late bush harvests are roasted in preparation for winter. The light-bodied cup is smooth and silky with aromas of herbs, fruits and flowers. As you sip, the hazelnuts note greets the palate , followed by brown sugar note. These..
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DESCRIPTIONAnother green delicacy from the blue mountains. A very fine single leaf and a bud twisted into slender strands with a bright sheen.The dry slender has fruity fragrance similar to mango. The cup is light-bodied and starts with sweet fruity note, reminiscent to mango. The fruity note grows ..
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DESCRIPTIONThe finest autumn oolong from the highest elevation tea garden in Darjeeling to your cup.This Autumn oolong made from the finest frosted leaves from the best clone of darjeeling also known as AV2. The dry leaves has blackish red leafs with lots of tips that brews in bright orange liquor h..
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DESCRIPTIONAnother autumn delicacy from the Himalaya. This autumn flush tea brings the exquisite flavour to your cup. A medium-bodied tea with fresh flavour of green olives and vanilla coated with butter or cream. The cup starts with fruity note similar to green apple  which is immediately foll..
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