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Namring Silver needles is one of the finest silver needles produced in Darjeeling region.This autumn needles is a tea to be tried. The dry needles has a fresh light woody aroma. Each sip start with a smooth and delicate taste ,in the middle a nice touch of grassy notes and finishes with hint of ligh..
Ex Tax:1,500.00INR
DESCRIPTIONOn some early autumn morning when the mist of mountain cover the tea plants ,the expert hands plucked the finest two young leaves and one tender buds to make this misty tea for your perfect cup. The dry leaves have  fresh raw green aroma and a nice green colour.The cup start with a s..
Ex Tax:1,250.00INR
DESCRIPTIONThe finest autumn oolong from the highest elevation tea garden in Darjeeling to your cup.This Autumn oolong made from the finest frosted leaves from the best clone of darjeeling also known as AV2. The dry leaves has blackish red leafs with lots of tips that brews in bright orange liquor h..
Ex Tax:650.00INR
Rohini Exotic Emperor White Tea Rohini Exotic Emperor White Tea
Limited Edition Hot
DESCRIPTION"Emperor" the word itself says a lot about its taste, quality. Made from finest AV2 clone. the tea leaves are tippy whole leaf with silvery appearance, sweet aroma of fruits with finish of honey gives feeling like an emperor.The ExperienceAromaFresh fruitsPalateSweet ,fresh fruitsAppearan..
Ex Tax:1,100.00INR
DESCRIPTIONThis summer delicacy from Rohini tea estate is more bold and complex in flavour.This aromatic cup is full bodied with strong  fragrance of fruits like grapes ,apricots and peach. The cup is brisk and beam with vibrant fruity notes.Crisp notes of fruits like peach greets the palate an..
Ex Tax:650.00INR
DESCRIPTIONOne of the finest second flush tea from Rohini tea estate Darjeeling. The dry leafs appears brownish with a lots of golden tips. the cup has bright orange and clear liquor with a mouthful, sweet and fruity muscatel  character with a honey finish. The leafs are plucked in last week of..
Ex Tax:560.00INR
DESCRIPTIONThis Limited edition first flush white tea is made from finely  plucked two leaf and a bud after a long winter break.the dry leafs are bright green appearance. It has a tantalising sweet aroma with fruity and abundant fresh flavour. the mellow colour attract the eyes and it has rich ..
Ex Tax:660.00INR
Rose Mist Tea Rose Mist Tea
Exotic New
DESCRIPTIONAn extraordinary blend for your precious moments, blended with fine Darjeeling white tea and tender rose buds from Iran.Each sip gives a well-balanced smooth and delicate flavour.The fine tender rose buds gives a sweet fragrance and flavour.The cup is velvety and a perfect sweetness comes..
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DESCRIPTIONIn India day start with "chai" and if its not perfect then what to say about full day. A master blend to kick start your day. Aromatic and full of dry spices with a long finishing for every tea loversAt a GlanceAromaA perfect glance of dry spicesLiquorDeep redTasteA balance of spices with..
Ex Tax:250.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA master blend of two individually wonderful teas, a Darjeeling tea and an Assam leaf tea. both are quite different from each other and complement each other beautifully.At A Glance Dry leaf appearanceAn even sized mixture of Assam and Darjeeling leaf Wet leaf aromaEarthy and mi..
Ex Tax:360.00INR
DESCRIPTIONSilver tips is one of the most delicate and refreshing tea from Darjeeling.The tea is plucked in autumn months when the mountain fog frosted the tea plants and gives a unique flavour.Tea brews into a light flavour delicate cup with a refreshing aroma and fruity notes with a hint of wood w..
Ex Tax:500.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA sweet and little spicy green tea is what you need in your detox tea. Freshly harvested green tea from the Queen of hill Darjeeling and dried ginger and lemongrass gives a perfect start to your day .The Experience AromaSweet floral with lemonAppearance Light yellow Palate&..
Ex Tax:320.00INR
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