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DESCRIPTIONThe finest bud and a leave of AV2 bushes plucked on a bright shiny moonlight, a fascinating summer cup with delectable fruity attributes. A pleasantly supple, lively cup begins with sweet ripe fruits note reminiscent of black grape which gradually grow in prominence towards the length of ..
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DESCRIPTIONCastleton  one of the iconic tea garden of Darjeeling is always in headline for its finest tea. this first flush cup has well balance of fresh green notes  and fruity.the liquor is smooth with  sweet flavour of fresh green.The ExperienceAromaFruity with firewood and sweet g..
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DESCRIPTIONA twist to the traditional Indian milk tea. Dried small chillies gives a spicy and crunchy finish while cinnamon gives a balance to chillies.The ExperienceAromaRich and malty with chilly notesLiquorDeep redTasteStart  with strong and malty taste of CTC tea followed by chillyIns..
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DESCRIPTIONHere's a refined rendition: Within our treasure trove of heritage teas, we unveil another gem, offering the distinctive aged summer flavors of Darjeeling to elevate your tea time. This sweetly aromatic infusion yields a coppery liquor, rich with nuanced layers of flavor. Embark on your jo..
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DESCRIPTIONPlucked in the last week of Oct. 2020 and then immediately kept in vacuum for ageing. After 3 years of ageing ,the tea is matured with depth of flavours. A fragrant Darjeeling autumnal tea, light and smooth, brimming with aromatic floral notes. The liquor is light-bodi..
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Darjeeling Autumnal Red Oolong Tea Darjeeling Autumnal Red Oolong Tea
Autumn/Winter 2022-23
DESCRIPTIONA delicacy from the queen of hills - Darjeeling, which beams with ripe fruits and honey attributes.A medium bodied cup with the depth of flavours. A lively, pleasantly supple cup which starts with ripe fruits note similar to black plum. The fruity accents gradually grows towards the lengt..
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DESCRIPTIONA well rounded, medium-bodied muscatel tea which beams with sweet ripe fruit attributes. Sweet ripe fruits note similar to black grape strike the palate right from the start and deepens with the length of the cup. A sweet honey layer envelope the fruity note and gives the depth to the cup..
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Darjeeling Exotic Peppery White Tea Darjeeling Exotic Peppery White Tea
Limited Edition Autumn/Winter 2022-23
DESCRIPTIONThe autumn teas has its own unique flavours and when it come to white tea, they brew in a smooth delicate liquor.This peppery white tea beams with wild flowers and pepper aroma, brews in a lemon liquor with delicate notes of wild flowers and spices. The cup is smooth and well balanced. St..
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Darjeeling Exotic Silver Needle Darjeeling Exotic Silver Needle
Limited Edition
DESCRIPTIONHere we bring one of the finest darjeeling silver needles--lightly floral, a bit creamy and smooth textured. A light bodied tea greets the palate with light silky floral note similar to red roses, which instantly gives a smooth kick to the cup.The smooth and velvety texture with a light w..
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DESCRIPTIONA vibrant cup that offers prized smoky flavour of pine wood. A traditional Darjeeling tea, heated over the burning of pinewood shaving, develops a mild smoky flavour with frosted flowery aroma. The smooth smoky notes hit the palate right from the beginning of the cup and gradually grows t..
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DESCRIPTIONA beautiful tippy winter oolong tea with aroma and depth of flavour from the queen of hills Darjeeling. The bright orange cup starts with fruits note reminiscent of peach and green grape.These fruity note gives a mouthful start to the cup, which gradually grows towards the length of ..
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Darjeeling Pearl Green Darjeeling Pearl Green
Out Of Stock
DESCRIPTION This tea is one of its kind from Darjeeling, whole leafs are completely finger rolled into a ball.It has been made from a special Japanese clone and have a high quality Umami flavour with a good intensity.The dry pearls have a refreshing aroma.The cup starts with a smooth taste with..
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