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DESCRIPTIONTulsi is a holy plant and its leaf is used as medicine in ancient India. drinking tulsi water, keeps us away from several diseases.our master blend includes Tulsi, ginger ,fenugreek and orthodox Darjeeling black tea, for a healthy life. the Tulsi aroma instantly gives peace to our mind. i..
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DESCRIPTIONFrom the land of thunder "Dorje", this beautiful tea impresses you in each aspect -aroma, liquor and appearance. This light bodied and smooth tea has abundance of silver tipped leaves that gives a true delight on palate. As you sip it, the sweet fruits notes greets the palate and spreads ..
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Exotic Assam Golden Tips Exotic Assam Golden Tips
Exotic New Hot
DESCRIPTIONHere's one of the finest Assam golden tips, made from the youngest and tender buds ,this tea is a perfect to kick start your morning  and rainy evening. The dry leafs has honey and mild malty aroma.This delicate cup has layered with sweet notes and malty flavour.these flavour starts ..
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DESCRIPTIONWith finest fennel from Rajasthan and spices from Munnar with strong single estate Assam CTC is perfect to kick start your morning. a sweet fennel taste with spices gives a long finish while strong CTC gives boost to your morning .Its something a true tea lover can not ignore.The Experien..
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A beautiful blend which crunch your body and feel refreshed in your busy hours.Start with ginger and mint, gives a crunch, followed by cinnamon for a long finishingAt a GlanceAromaGinger,mint, honeyPalateginger, mint, cinnamonLiquorDark yellowInstruction per cup2.5gm 200ml 90°C-95°C 4-5minComplement..
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Glenburn Moonshine White Tea Glenburn Moonshine White Tea
Exotic Hot
DESCRIPTIONDrawing from the mist that rises off the river Rungeet in month of March. This speciality white tea made from only the most tender shoots plucked in Glenburn tea estate.The leaves remains intact even as they are infused for the brew.This speciality tea made in very small batches using onl..
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DESCRIPTIONAfter a long break the classic Glenburn white peony is back. one of the biggest arrival of this season .The tea has sweet and floral notes with no astringency. This year's harvest is in may when the pruned tea bushes produce the finest tea buds. The large proportion gives the white peony ..
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This classic Darjeeling second flush cup is aromatic with full bodied experience. the dry leafs have nutty aroma while the wet leafs have a musky aroma followed by notes of wood. the cup starts with hint of peach followed by musky flavour. The musky flavour hums alone all the way till finish with a ..
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DESCRIPTIONProduces with ancient hand rolled art ,this rare first flush tea is hand rolled and oxidized several times in the night to match a perfect taste for you. the cup has fruity flavour with finish of natural honey, peach and wild is very smooth to drink without any astringency and ..
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Turmeric is used as a Ayurvedic medicine long back in ancient India because of its medical properties like anti-inflammatory and immune booster.our master blender comes up with a perfect blend to give you a crunchy taste with maximum health benefits. blend made with turmeric, lemongrass, ginger and ..
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The herbal and subtle floral taste with refreshing and smooth finish is perfect to change your mood. chamomile is well known for its heath benefits like promotes sleep and treats Insomnia, boost immunity, reduce Muscle spasms and period pain, fight cold, reduce stress ,lightens skin etc.  The E..
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DESPRITIONThe long wait after the winter dormancy is now over.The first leaves have started to arrive and the tea as usual is profound.First flush teas have very prominent fresh flavour and one simply breath taking.The teas are very mildly oxidized and very delicately processed to induce minimal dam..
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