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Manipur Gushu Wafer 2023

Manipur Gushu Wafer 2023
Manipur Gushu Wafer 2023
Manipur Gushu Wafer 2023
Manipur Gushu Wafer 2023
Manipur Gushu Wafer 2023
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A beautiful wafer which beams with wild honey and floral note brings the sweet lingering flavours of Manipur to your cup. Once you rinse it the aroma of berries release and it force you to brew it immediately. The 1st infusion brings the fruity note similar to grapes which deepens with the length of the cup. A well balanced nutty accent reminiscent to walnut gives a nice finish to it. The berries note strike your palate right from the beginning in the 2nd infusion which ended in a crispy woody character. In the 3rd infusion the woody note dominate the cup with a touch of fresh mint. The flavours linger on your taste buds and wants you to explore more. The 4th infusion is decorated with dry spices notes similar to clove and white pepper. The 5th infusion is really very interesting with layers of flavour. You can feel plum, dry spices, woody notes in the 5th infusion which again force you to brew it and explore the different flavours hidden in this delicious wafer.

The Experience 


Dry Wafer - Wild honey, floral

Wet wafer - Wild berries


Pale yellow


Berries, grapes, walnut, wood, mint, clove, white pepper, plum

Instruction per cup Wester Style 

2.5gm 180ml water 80°c-85°c 3-4min

Instruction per cup Gongfu Style 

3gm 120ml water 90°c-95°c  20 seconds, adding 10 seconds every subsequent steep

Plucking & Processing - April 2023

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