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Indian Gushu White Tea Cake 2023

Indian Gushu White Tea Cake 2023
Indian Gushu White Tea Cake 2023
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Another rare gem from Manipur which brings the sweet floral-woody note to your cup. Harvested and manufactured in April 2023, this medium bodied tea brews in light coppery liquor.  The wet leaves beam with wild floral and wet wood attributes. With Gongfu style, the 1st infusion starts with pleasant floral note similar to honeysuckle which gradually grows in prominence. A thin layer of honey adds sweetness in the middle. A light sandalwood note gives a pleasant finish to it.  The 2nd infusion brings fruity note similar to green apple with subtle mint accents. Towards the finish ,one can feel light nutty flavours. The 3rd infusion is decorated with sweet nutty flavours with a honey finish. The 4th infusion brings vanilla and sandalwood note with a nutty finish. You can infuse further and can explore more hidden flavours of this wild white tea cake.

*only 2 cakes each 200g available in our stock.

The Experience


Dry Leaves - Sweet ripe fruits

Wet leaves - Wild floral, hint of fresh wet wood


Light Orange


Honeysuckle, honey, sandalwood, green apple, mint, nutty, vanilla

Instruction per cup western style

2.5gm 180ml water 80°c 3-4min 

Instruction per cup Gongfu style

3gm 120 ml water 80°c  20 seconds, adding 10 seconds for subsequent steep

Picking & Processing - April 2023

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