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Arya Diamond Tips

Arya Diamond Tips
Arya Diamond Tips
Arya Diamond Tips
Arya Diamond Tips
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Arya Diamond Tips
Arya Diamond Tips
Arya Diamond Tips
Arya Diamond Tips
Arya Diamond Tips
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A spotless shining gem in the Diadem. Extra bold leaf with chunky tips. A taste with a complex mixture of fruits and flowers. This first flush tea is bright in appearance and full body.Each sip is deliciously fruity which reminds of ripe mangoes, peach and sweet raisins which further leaves lingering sweetness. A must try tea from Arya tea estate Darjeeling.

The Experience 


Fresh floral


bright yellow


mixture of fruits and flowers

Instruction per cup

2.5gm 180ml water 85°c 4min

Plucked Date

26.05.2020 EX-26/20

Best time to drink

Anytime of the day

Arya Tea Estate, Darjeeling

The Arya Tea Estate was established in 1885 by Buddhist monks and was originally known as "Sidrabong".The legendary garden still preserve the house in which the monks dwelled back in the 1800s.The estate sits at an average altitude of 1500 meters and covers 125 hectares.The Plantation starts at an altitude of 1820 meters and spreads down to 900 meters.The estate produce around 70 tons of tea annually. Some of its most popular teas are it's  "JEWEL" range including Ruby(black tea), diamond(chunky tips),emerald(green tea) Topaz(oolong tea) and pearl(white tea) and produce in limited quantity. All Jewel teas are produced with special clonal tea bushes mainly AV2 varietal planted on the highest point of garden. The Arya tea estate is USDA organic certified by IMO control.

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