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Nilgiri Winter Frost Oolong Tea 2023 Nilgiri Winter Frost Oolong Tea 2023
DESCRIPTIONThe most awaited winter frost oolong from Nilgiri's. A tea which blooms with sweet fruity aroma that brings the layer of flavours to the cup.The selected bold leaves are plucked carefully to bring the flavour and aroma to the tea. Smooth floral note strike the palate right from the beginn..
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Nilgiri Winter Frost Silver Buds 2024 Nilgiri Winter Frost Silver Buds 2024
Exotic WINTER FLUSH 2023
DESCRIPTIONA winter gem from the highlands of Nilgiri.The youngest tender buds which are 2-3 days old are plucked from 7,200 feet elevation in the early morning just before the sunrise. A light bodied tea which beams with delicate winter floral attributes has layer of flavours throughout the cup. As..
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DescriptionAn exquisite winter frost tea which beams with delicate floral note. The almost icy cold tender buds are picked at 5am from the tea plantation located at 7000ft. The medium-bodied cup which feels sweet mellow and starts with soft floral character, reminiscent of Jasmin and lily of valley,..
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DESCRIPTIONFrom the highland of Nilgiri ,this winter gem brings aroma and flavours to your cup. Plucked from the 7000ft elevation before the sun rise when the tea leaves are covered with frost, resulting in an unique aroma and flavour. This delicate and light bodied tea brews in a light green l..
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DESCRIPTIONA master blend with the king of spices, saffron. An aromatic and bold cup beams with saffron-turmeric aroma. A well-balanced saffron note strikes the palate right from the beginning. The saffron note deepens with the length of the cup and defines the central theme of the cup. The saffron ..
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