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Mangalam Exotic Golden Tips  ( Limited Edition ) Mangalam Exotic Golden Tips  ( Limited Edition )
Second Flush 2022 New
DESCRIPTIONA limited edition summer exquisite from one of the iconic tea garden of Assam. These golden tips impresse you with it's bold malty and refreshing wild floral fragrance. A full-bodied , well-rounded cup beams with delectable malty flavour right from the start. The malty note deepens with t..
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DESCRIPTIONThe most awaited gold from Mangalam tea estate Assam.The finest tender buds impresses you at first sight  with its joyful fragrance of mild malty, honey and light wood bark aroma. A full-bodied, bold and brisk cup starts with soft malty note which grows in prominence. A light honey n..
Ex Tax:1,800.00INR
DESCRIPTIONA bold and brisk cup which feels ample in the mouth.As you sip, the delicious malt note greets the palate. Immediately the sweet dates note joins and add a sweetness to palate. These flavours reverberate throughout and define a central theme of the liquor. As you go further a light woody ..
Ex Tax:1,000.00INR
DESCRIPTIONIn India day start with "chai" and if its not perfect then what to say about full day. A master blend to kick start your day. Aromatic and full of dry spices with a long finishing for every tea loversAt a GlanceAromaA perfect glance of dry spicesLiquorDeep redTasteA balance of spices with..
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DESCRIPTIONA master blend of two individually wonderful teas, a Darjeeling tea and an Assam leaf tea. both are quite different from each other and complement each other beautifully.At A Glance Dry leaf appearanceAn even sized mixture of Assam and Darjeeling leaf Wet leaf aromaEarthy and mi..
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