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Namring White Mist

Namring White Mist
Namring White Mist
Namring White Mist
Namring White Mist
Namring White Mist
Namring White Mist
Namring White Mist
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On some early autumn morning when the mist of mountain cover the tea plants ,the expert hands plucked the finest two young leaves and one tender buds to make this misty tea for your perfect cup. The dry leaves have  fresh raw green aroma and a nice green colour.The cup start with a smooth and velvety notes followed by fresh green notes which gives a pleasant finish.They brewed leaves has steamed greens aroma and charming green colour.



Fresh mountain greens




Smooth , velvety ,fresh greens

Instruction per cup

2.5gm 150ml water 80°c-85°c 5min


2nd week of November 


Naming tea estate is situated in the eastern part of Darjeeling district and an hour drive from Darjeeling town. Naming has a fabulous combinations of tea bushes comprising names like china(60%), clonal(30%) , Assam hybrid(10%) and this marvellous combination produce some unique and exotic flavours.The total plantation area is about 450 hectares and the lush greens are adequately irrigated with 75% of the estate being under self irrigation.The Naming tea factory is situated at an altitude of 3000ft above sea level and the highest point of plantation is situated at 5500ft above sea level

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