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White Romance

White Romance
White Romance
White Romance
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White Romance
White Romance
White Romance
White Romance
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Some tea gives relaxation, some clam our mind but this tea will make you feel something unique.Blended with fine Darjeeling white tea and saffron from Kashmir valley. The dry leaves gives a fresh wet mountain breeze aroma which reminds you Darjeeling and a mild saffron which make you feel something unique. The liquor is attractive  golden yellow. The cup is smooth, delicate with a peach flavour and a unique saffron finish.

The Experience


A mlid saffron with fresh wet mountain breeze


Golden yellow


Smooth, delicate ,peach with saffron finish

Instruction per cup

2.5gm 180ml water 80°c-85°c 4-5min


Best enjoyed on its own 

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