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Jethikupi White Tea

Jethikupi White Tea
Jethikupi White Tea
Jethikupi White Tea
Jethikupi White Tea
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Jethikupi White Tea
Jethikupi White Tea
Jethikupi White Tea
Jethikupi White Tea
Jethikupi White Tea
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The long wait after the winter dormancy is now over.The first leaves have started to arrive and the tea as usual is profound.First flush teas have very prominent fresh flavour and one simply breath taking.The teas are very mildly oxidized and very delicately processed to induce minimal damage.All oxidation is natural and over night with nothing being induced forcefully except some few rounds of hand bruising to develop some flavour.The cup is very light on the palate, with a mouthful flavour and complete with clean notes and smooth finish without any hint of astringency."Jethi Kupi" Jethikupi is a word from the Manipuri dialect and it means 'Jasmine flower". In Nepali dialect the word "Jethi" means the eldest girl child while "Kupi" is a funnel or cone shaped.So it points out to the earliest first flush of any Darjeeling gardens

The Experience


Fresh floral


Light yellow


Wild flowers, lilies, spring flavour

Instruction Per Cup

2.5gm 180ml water 85°c 4-5min


Best enjoy on its own

Rohini Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Rohini Tea Estate is located in Kurseong Valley of Darjeeling. The total area of garden is around 146 hectares out of which 108 hectares is young tea.These bushes have  planted from 1996 onward. All the bushes are highest quality bushes and they produce the exquisite tea all around the year. The Garden divided into four divisions , Jabarhat is lower division, Kotidhara and Pailodhara are mid elevation division and Tukuriya the highest  division at an average  elevation of 4400ft.Some exquisite teas from Rohini tea gardens are  Emperor white tea, Jethikupi white tea, Rohini gold bud muscatel, spicy white and silver tips.

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